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A dummy cover for a "Haynes-type" Nostromo Manual

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:17 pm    Post subject: A dummy cover for a "Haynes-type" Nostromo Manual Reply with quote

You may have seen the Haynes technical manuals for the U.S.S. Enterprise and, as I saw today, the Millennium Falcon:

Way cool, if still a bit off on the height 'realities' around the MF's circumference. At any rate, this got my mind racing and I came up with this idea for a similar product for another favorite spacecraft:

Even borrowed a blurb and made appropriate changes

"The Nostromo is a legendary spaceship, made famous by its horrific encounter with the Alien under the command of Captain Dallas and his crew of jaded ‘space-truckers’. Modified and pressed into duty as a space-tug, the beat-up Lockmart CM-88B Bison-class transporter was still one of the Company fleet’s most reliable ships.

This Hanes [mis-spelling inentional] Manual traces the model history of the Lockmart Corporation’s Bison class of transporters and the modifications made for its duty as an intergalactic space-tug. Onboard systems, controls, and their operations are described in detail and supported by a host of photographs, line art, floor plans, exploded diagrams, and stunning computer-generated artwork, all newly created by acknowledged Nostromo experts (your name here). Text is by (your name here).

Covering operational history, piloting, propulsion, engineering systems, sensors, and crew facilities, this is the most thorough technical guide to the Nostromo available.

This ‘Haynes-type’ manual is totally unauthorized by 20th Century Fox or the Haynes company."

Man, that sounds so good, I'd pre-order one sight-unseen. Wouldn't it be cool if a Haynes book editor caught a peep at this and decided to take it on. I'm sure there's plenty of experts on this forum who could offer input.

Sent a copy of my design to Haynes, for what it's worth...hopefully I won't get a smoldering copyright enfringement response from their legal dept. Embarassed
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good idea for sure...as you said, plenty of people here that could help on that front. Cool
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