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BLADE RUNNER ORIGINS - Answers to the early beginnings

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:07 pm    Post subject: BLADE RUNNER ORIGINS - Answers to the early beginnings Reply with quote


Ever think about how the Blade Runner BACK STORY began? What do you think?

Title 71 U.S.C. Section 47 – The use or presence of manufactured humanoid Replicants outside a production facility is illegal in the global earth federation. Penalties: Upon detection, Replicants are subject to immediate retirement. Replicant use by citizens or corporations are punishable offenses that include imprisonment for life, termination of corporate entities, and fines not to exceed two hundred billion credits per incident.
Historical: The 2016 Replicant revolt in the OFF-WORLD mining colony on LV-426 resulted in the death of 1.4 million human inhabitants of the resident city states. The Replicant revolt manifested in a wholesale slaughter of all human inhabitants on sight and culminated in the release of bioweapons of mass destruction upon human populations. Terra-forming operations and lost territories included four base continents and subsidiary island states. The decimated human colony loss was resolved by orbital planetary nuclear bombardment of all land masses followed by a complete culling of all remaining Replicants by colonial marine ground forces. LV-426 serves as a warning to the use and application of Replicant humanoid deployment in large human populated societies. Title 71 U.S.C. Section 47 was enacted by unanimous mandate the following day.
The federal law and authority of Title 71 U.S.C. Section 47 is transferred to state and local authority for enforcement.
LAPD response: 2016
Los Angeles Police Department – US Continent – Global Federation circa 2016: Replicant detection and retirement operations commence April 2016 – Dec 2016. LAPD Surrender and compliance units retire seven thousand and fifty one (7351) replicants. LAPD Enforcement Units locate and retire two thousand and thirty (2035) identified replicants. The psychological stress and impact on Law Enforcement Detectives/Officers have an unanticipated result. Replicants so resemble human counterparts in appearance and human interaction that a large number of enforcement officers suffer post-traumatic stress disorder in the wholesale slaughter of replicants. Many suffer guilt, social anxiety disorder, depression, generalized anxiety, and a high rate of suicide. The replicant detectives walk a fine line between enforcement agents and psychotic killers. Replicant enforcement has a high burn out rate among detectives.
Blade Runner TAG (origins): One replicant detective used a social media to document his psychotic break down and rants about “running along the razor sharp edge of a blade as he slides into insanity.” The Detective devolved in a very public way. He admits to enjoying the kill and then he commits a very public suicide. The social media calls him the “Blade Runner.” The coined phrase “Blade Runner” sticks.
January 2017 – “Blade Runner” Detection and retirement special operations enforcement sections are formed as permanent units.
LAPD - January 2017 to December 2017 - Operations detect and retire one thousand and eighteen (1018) replicants. Detection and retirement units retain the nickname Blade Runner. Careful selection of candidates begins for all Blade Runner assignments. June 2018 – LAPD logs only 118 replicant cases. January 2019 all replicants in the Los Angeles area are publically declared …RETIRED.
LAPD Replicant Policy: It is the policy of the LAPD to retire any replicant on sight of detection by the use of whatever force is necessary to effect that retirement. It is recognized that any replicant exposed to detection represents an extraordinary hazard to public safety. Replicants in fear of detection have acted in a wanton and reckless manner that includes wholesale slaughter of both the detection officer and anyone in the public who might stand in their way of escape. A replicant will act aggressively if threatened. The policy of capture and restraint was abandoned after a replicant decapitated the LAPD detection specialist during an interview and proceeded on a killing spree that left forty citizens injured or dead before her retirement. Although the use of a Police issue PKD blaster in public is hazardous at best, the overall threat to the public is greater by hesitation or inaction. Replicants are to be retired upon detection.
Weapons and Equipment: Blade Runner Detectives are issued military grade PKD Blaster sidearms. They are equipped with electronic range finder tracking units, auto trace and quick aim point sighting. The bolt action top chamber allows the use of specialized armor piercing explosive rounds, High explosive HE, or fragmentation rounds depending on the need or situation. The top chamber opens to insert the supersized shell. The super chambered rounds are designed to be antipersonnel, anti-vehicle, or anti-material. The round can be used to penetrate a building or room and programmed to explode upon entry. The PKD offers a wide range of adaptations to effect the retirement of a replicant even in a sealed bunkered room. The pistol is equipped with a “Speed six” chambered hollow point hypervelocity rounds as standard issue. Specialized rounds can include hydroshock, force plus–P, or No Rico ammunition. Blade Runner units are trained in rigorous paramilitary combat shooting scenarios and live fire exercises.
Blade Runner Detectives – lost – line of duty: (Seventy-One) A Blade Runner detective is one of the highest risk jobs in the Police Department. Chances of a “line of duty” death are one in seven. A Blade Runner Detective may retire after one full year of service with full pension.
Posthumous awards for meritorious service:
Detective Rolo Tomassi – LA 2016, Detective Angelo Gino – LA 2017, Detective Phillip K. Dick – LA 2018, Detective Harrison Ford – LA 2019, Detective Rick Ross – LA 2019, Detective Vander Holden – LA 2019
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Saw it on the RPF and I thought it was well written (good ideas in there for sure)...always good to see that people will go the extra mile in terms of creative thinking on a subject/movie that still elicits so many discussions despite the fact that it was made many years ago with fictitious characters Cool
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